Member Services

For your convenience, Susquehanna Valley FCU provides these additional services to members:

Visa Gift Cards

The most convenient and welcome of gifts! Purchase for $2 each plus the dollar amount.

Free Notary Public Service

Camp Hill branch only. Please call ahead to assure a Notary Public is on duty. Vehicle plates not available on-premises.

Coin Counting

Free for members, at the Camp Hill branch.

Safe Deposit Box Rental

Signature Guarantee

For the transfer of stocks or securities valued at $100,000 or less. Camp Hill branch.

U.S. Savings Bond Redemption

Direct Deposit

We welcome your employer, Social Security, tax refund or other incoming ACH deposits. To establish direct deposit, please provide your account number and routing number (as listed on your SVFCU checks) to each of those payers via the payer-provided form.

Wire Transfers (domestic only) incoming and outgoing

To arrange for a wire transfer to be sent from your account, please follow these steps:

Contact the receiving institution to obtain their incoming wire information. Note that some institutions process incoming wire transfers through different account and ABA numbers than are listed on the recipient's checks. Then contact SVFCU to request your wire transfer by 4:00 pm Eastern, Monday through Friday to have it sent the same day (federal holidays excluded). We cannot guarantee the post day or time on the receiving bank's end. The fee for an outgoing wire transfer is $20.

There is no fee for incoming wires. Please call the office to obtain information needed to have a wire deposited to your account.

Western Union, domestic

As with wire transfers, these requests must be received by 4:00 pm. The fee for Western Union transfers is $20.

Foreign Currency Purchase and Return

Most international currencies are available. Your account will be debited based on the amount of purchase (considering the exchange rate), plus $20 shipping and handling.

Contact member services or visit a branch for more information.

*APR means Annual Percentage Rate. SVFCU will determine your rate based on credit history, income, debt and related factors. **Rate equals share or certificate rate at time of loan plus 3.00%.  ***Auto loan rates will be adjusted for the condition of the collateral and model year.
Current Offer
6.9% Visa Balance Transfer with No Fee!

Our Visa Platinum packs a punch with no annual fee, no balance transfer fee and a rate of just 6.9% APR on balance transfers until the transferred balance is paid in full.

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2015+ AutosAs Low AS
Credit CardsAs Low AS
Home EquityAs Low AS
3.75% apr*
Effective Apr 1, 2018
Personal Loans
Type Term APR*
Signature Loan Up to 5 Years 7.49%
Signature Line of Credit Open Ended 8.49%
Share-Secured Loan Up to 60 Month Share Rate + 3.00%**
Title-Secured Loan Up to 60 Month 2.49%***
The staff at SVFCU are a part of my family.
— Julie B., Mechanicsburg, PA
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