SVFCU's Shred Event - Camp Hill Branch

Free-up space, eliminate unnecessary theft and security risks, and get rid of old, outdated and useless files.

Shred Event
Saturday, April 21

Free-up space, eliminate unnecessary theft and security risks and get rid of old, outdated and useless files.


The shred event will take place rain or shine in the parking lot of the Hartzdale Drive, Camp Hill office from 9:00 to 12:00 (or until truck reaches capacity). Safe and secure paper shredding will be performed on-site by Higher Information Group and you are welcome to witness the destruction of all materials.

What to Bring:

Documents you may want to bring for shredding include old financial statements, out-of-date insurance or prescription documents, old check registers, unwanted paper checks, medical and decades-old tax records, unwanted credit card offers, etc.

What Not to Bring:

This shred event is strictly for paper and file folder recycling, so no plastic, glass, cardboard, trash or other non-paper contaminants, please. You may leave in staples, paper clips, and rubber bands.

Quantity Limit:

Bring up to three 16-gallon black trash bags or the equivalent of paper per person. The quantity should be such that a person of average strength can lift or carry it. Members will be asked to take their empty boxes or bags with them after the documents have been shredded. SVFCU and Higher Information Group are not responsible for information that is abandoned, lost, or left unattended at the event prior to or after the shredding process.

After shredding, the material will be recycled to provide a benefit to the environment as well as protecting the security of your personal information.

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The staff at SVFCU are a part of my family.
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