Balance Transfer 2.99%* for 6 Months!

Visa Balance Transfer 2.99% APR* for 6 Months! Roll over your high-rate debts onto a SVFCU Visa Credit Card!
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Save on Interest & Cut Out Debt

Roll over your high-rate debt to an SVFCU Visa Credit Card!

Roll your high-rate debts from other institutions or store cards to an SVFCU Visa credit card! The process is simple and can be accomplished either with a new card application or at any time after your Visa credit card is established.

Just provide the amount owed, name, address, and account number of one or more other credit cards when you request the balance transfer. SVFCU never charges a fee to transfer balances from other credit cards to a Susquehanna Valley FCU Visa Classic or Visa Platinum card.

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