Gold Star Membership Benefits

Be a Gold Star Member!* You qualify just for being you.

SVFCU's Gold Star Members enjoy:

  • 1/2% APR off most loans
  • Visa® Gift Card fee waived 
  • One NSF or late loan payment fee waived (once per year)
  • Up to 2 check copy fees waived (once per year)
  • Instant Issue Debit Card fee waived (once per year)

Simply use 3 or more of these beneficial services:

  • Visa® Credit Card with activity within the last 3 months
  • Checking Account with a Visa® Debit Card with activity within the last 3 months
  • Online Banking with E-Statements 
  • Direct Deposit with $500 Minimum
  • IRA with $2,000 minimum balance 
Or contact member service for more information.

Ready to redeem your loan discount?

Contact a loan officer for more details.
*Some types of loans are excluded from the Gold Star (GS) Member Discount program. Rates, as listed on promotional materials, include the GS Member Discount of .5% APR off the non-Gold Star rate, and assume A+ credit. APR = annual percentage rate.