Visa Credit Cards

Get the Visa Credit Card that delivers the low rate you want, points with every Visa Platinum Card purchase, and no annual fee.

Don't want to pay interest? Pay your balance in full each month by the due date and you won't pay finance charges!

Both our Platinum and Classic Visa credit cards offer:

  • Zero Liability for Fraudulent Transactions
  • Cash Advances the Same Rate as Purchases
  • Free Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance
  • 25-Day Grace Period on Purchases
  • Free Balance Transfers
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Call 800-948-1454 or email a loan officer today for more information.

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CardValet® — Turn your Credit Card On/Off

Monitor your Credit (and Debit) Cards inside the SVFCU Mobile App. Cardholders can use CardValet to turn their card off and on, set locations where the card can be used, restrict transactions based on merchant type, establish transaction amount limits, schedule alerts for certain transaction types and much more!

Save with a Visa Balance Transfer

Roll your high-rate debts from other institutions or store cards onto your SVFCU Visa credit card! The process is simple and can be accomplished either with a new card application or at any time after your Visa credit card is established. See a representative for current Balance Transfer rates.

Just provide the amount owed, name, address, phone and account number of one or more other credit cards when you request the balance transfer. SVFCU never charges a balance transfer fee.

Or contact us for more information.

Earn Platinum Rewards

You earn points everywhere in the United States your SVFCU Visa Platinum card is accepted.

Points can be redeemed for event tickets, electronics, gift cards, hotel rooms, rental cars, and so much more. One point is earned for every dollar spent using your Visa Platinum credit card! Points expire after 5 years. You can check your points balance when you log in to your account online at

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate.