Personal Loans

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Signature Line of Credit

This revolving line of credit provides immediate access to money at rates considerably lower than most credit cards. Prearrange your Line of Credit and take an advance immediately, or sit back and relax knowing the funds are there and ready when you are. You pay no interest until you actually use the funds. Draw only what you need, as you need it. As you make your loan payments, the available credit line is automatically restored. You can access your Line of Credit over the counter, by transfer to your checking, or by ATM cash withdrawal.

Fixed Rate & Term Signature Loan

Our Signature Loans are a great option for things like debt consolidation, smaller home improvements, auto repairs and more. They are available in fixed terms from 12 to 60 months and require no collateral. Like all SVFCU loans, they are simple and hassle-free to arrange.

Title or Share-Secured Loans for any purpose

Another option is to secure your new loan with either the title of a vehicle you own outright, or with your shares. This loan design has many of the same uses and advantages as a Signature Loan, but at a significantly lower rate.

  • Title-Secured Loan for personal use: If you own a vehicle with clear title, you can borrow up to the book value (depending on credit factors) and receive the same low rate as the comparable vehicle purchase loan.
  • Share-Secured Loan for personal use: This loan uses your SVFCU deposit funds as collateral, allowing your savings to continue to earn dividends while lowering the rate on your loan.

Either one can be a great way to help build (or rebuild) a strong credit history and reduce the rate of your loan.

Secure the money you need today with a Signature (Unsecured), Title-Secured, or Share-Secured Loan from SVFCU.

Personal Loans

Effective Jul 1, 2023
Type Term APR*
Signature Loan Up to 60 Month 8.99%
Signature Line of Credit Open Ended 9.49%
Share-Secured Loan Up to 60 Month Share Rate + 3.00%**
Title-Secured Loan Up to 60 Month 5.49%***
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change at any time. All rates are the lowest rates available. The rates as shown here include the .5% APR Gold Star Member Discount for qualifying borrowers. SVFCU will determine your rate based on credit rating, credit history, income, debt, and other underwriting factors as well as Gold Star Member status. We will offer the best possible rate based on your qualifications.
**Rate equals share or certificate rate at time of loan plus 3.00%
***Rate will be adjusted for the condition of the collateral, including model year of vehicles.
Or contact a loan officer today for more information.
*Rates as publicized include the .5% APR Gold Star Member Discount (unless specifically stated above - Loan Sale rates are excluded). Rates assume A+ credit, and are the lowest rates available at this time. SVFCU will determine your interest rate based on your credit rating, amount and term of the loan, collateral, and other underwriting factors. Your rate may be higher than the advertised rate. We will offer our best possible rate based on your qualifications. Rates listed are Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) and are subject to change at any time.