Education Loans

Don't let the cost of higher education stop you from pursuing a degree and working toward your goals.

SVFCU has a variety of affordable options to help you cover education expenses and fill the gaps left behind by savings, grants, and federal student aid programs.

Unlike the complex application processes that were once a part federal student loan programs, borrowing for education expenses is just as simple and convenient as any other loan application through the Credit Union.

Get Funds for Education Expenses with a Signature, Home Equity, Title- or Shared-Secured Loan

Any of these loans may be used for expenses as they occur, or to pay off and consolidate existing student loan debt. Loan proceeds will be payable directly to you, and you can then use the funds as needed for books, tuition, housing, travel, or any of the other expenses involved with higher education.

Your interest rate will depend upon the type of loan and your credit circumstances. Terms vary; Home Equity Loans, for example, allow for repayment over as long as 15 years and have potential tax benefits. Speak with a loan officer today to discuss the many options SVFCU has available to help you accomplish your goals.

Or contact a loan officer today for more information.