Youth Clubs & Rewards

Encouraging Young Members to Build Great Saving Habits with Club Rewards!

Star Kids Club

For young members ages 9 and under.

Joining SVFCU’s Star Kids Club is free and easy for children up to 9 years old. With the Star Kids Club, each time your child or grandchild makes a deposit of $5 or more, a star will be added to their Club Card. Once the card is filled (10 stars) they can trade it in for a prize, or continue saving to reach 20 stars for a Color Me Mine gift card! Get your membership card at either branch.

Star Saver Club

For ages 10 to 18, we offer the Star Savers Club.

The Star Saver Club is free for youth between the ages of 10 and 18. Each time a Club Member makes a deposit of $10 or more, they will receive a star on their Club Card. When the card is filled (10 stars), they can trade it in for a Gift Card! Pick up your Star Saver’s Club card at either SVFCU branch.

Star Student Rewards

Reap financial rewards for your Star Student.

At SVFCU, we think our young members are pretty special! We encourage them to develop the savings habit and reward them for excellence in school.

How Star Student Rewards Work:

SVFCU will award $1 per 'A' (or A equivalent) for students in grades K through 12. These funds are deposited in the member's share savings account. We encourage the Star Student to bring in their report card each marking period but they do not have to be present to get the reward.

For report cards that consist of many grades (most elementary school report cards), the Star Student will receive $5 for the whole report card.

The specifics:

  • Maximum benefit is $20 per school year (September - June);
  • Each report card must be presented by the end of the month after the report card is received (i.e. student receives first report card in November, they must bring it in before the end of December);
  • The final report card of the year must be received by the end of July.
  • Report card must include a grading scale key.
Or contact member service for more information.