ATM & Visa Debit Cards

Access your money conveniently and safely with a Visa® Debit or ATM card.

Visa Debit Cards

SVFCU Visa debit cards are accepted at any merchant location worldwide that accepts Visa debit transactions. Debits come directly from your checking account. You can also perform cash withdrawals from savings, checking, or established line of credit at any ATM with the Visa, STAR, Honor, or Plus logo. Machines with the CU$ logo are surcharge-free to credit union members. SVFCU Visa Debit Cards have no set-up or monthly maintenance fees.

ATM Cards

If you prefer, you can opt for an ATM-only card. ATM Cards allow you to make convenient cash withdrawals from your savings, checking or active line of credit, but cannot be used for Point-of-Sale purchases.

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See Disclosure of Account Terms for details.

Report Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card:

  • During Business Hours: 1-800-948-1454
  • After Hours: 1-855-908-4491

Fraud Detection

To help protect you and your account, SVFCU has an advanced fraud detection system in place. We will notify you if unusual or potentially fraudulent transactions are spotted. Remember, SVFCU will never ask you for your card number when we contact you—if a caller requests your card number, it's not SVFCU.

CardValet® — Turn your Debit Card On/Off

Monitor your Debit Card inside the SVFCU Mobile App. Cardholders use CardValet to turn their card on and off, set locations where the card can be used, restrict transactions based on merchant type, establish transaction amount limit, schedule alerts for certain transaction types and much more!